Meet the Ladies

I own @finchdesigns, and before joining up with these lovely ladies, I had had never even listened to a podcast (but always had lots of opinions 😂). You can find me in my studio whipping up the latest baby + mama goods for my etsy shop, the stores I stock, or my next show – or you’ll find me hanging out with my twin and our friends. I live in the bustling metropolis of Mankato with my husband, 2 kids, and lots of pets, and there never is a dull moment over here 💗 I started Finch Designs as a side gig for fun, but after my son’s brain injury it became my full time job. Throw in a lupus diagnosis for me and you’ve got a really wild ride. Through it all I love interacting with my customers and community and I can’t wait to get to know you better (can we go get tacos?)

Hi, everyone! I’m Amber Bruender. A little about me… Well, my home life is centered around my high-school-sweetheart-turned-husband, Coty, our 3-year-old and 1-year-old daughters, and our dog Barkley. And for those rare quiet moments, I like to keep a book and a glass of wine nearby!

My work life is centered around Mankato. Literally! I’m a realtor (@507areahomes) with @truerealestatemn. One of the best things about real estate is that it lets me talk about things I love—cool houses, amazing people, and my hometown.

My job and my life keep me moving, but all this activity brings me close to the wonderful people who’ve made their home in Mankato!

Hello 👋🏻 my name is Andrea Riebel!
I am a hardworking lady, working my full time job by day, and my dream business (@buddingcreationsfloral)… the rest of the time.

Here are some fun facts about me:

I am an obsessive dog mom; Brett (my bf) and I have a Boykin Spaniel named Duke, and I talk more about him than my co-workers talk about their kids! The 3 of us live for the summers so we can hang out on the boat, go kayaking, or just hang out in our lawn chairs together! I LOVE reading and I sometimes get called nerdy for the types of books I read… (like quantum metaphysics 🤓 ). I have always been known as the dessert lady, I love to bake and cook and I bring dessert to pretty much every function. I am a complete introvert (INFP-T on the Meyers Briggs scale) so I am sure a lot of people who know me will be shocked that I am doing a Podcast! BUT I just get so excited and inspired being around other female entrepreneurs and I love sharing what I have learned! So I am super excited to step out of my comfort zone and be a part of @ladieswholaunchmn!

I’m a girl who dreams big. When I have my heart set on something I will make it happen, don’t just dream about your dreams, live them! I’m a passionate business owner who owns a wedding photography biz over at @sarahjoyparno aka Sarah Joy Photography!
I live in a cape cod style home that we have been renovating for over two years. It’s been a slow process! What show is that where they turn the ugliest house on the block the best house? That is totally our house but now it’s pretty dang cute! I’ll always have some sort of project up my sleeve!

My husbands name is Chris and he is my solid rock and keeps me somewhat in the real world when my head is in the clouds! 😉 Together we love to travel, drink wine, eat a lot of food and take in this beautiful world we live in! We also have three shelter animals that I’m slightly obsessed with: Opie, Choppy, and Milo. They all coordinate with the colors of their fur!! 🙈 totally not planned either!
Before I keep on babbling even more that’s just a little bit about me! You guys!! I’m so excited to be a part of ladies who launch and talk about all kinds of stuff!